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Speech Analyzer 3.0

Full-featured acoustic analyzer that shows graphs of speech and music sounds
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Speech Analyzer is a free and professional tool that shows different graphical representations of speech and music recordings. This will allow you to perform phonetic analysis of human voice recordings (complete with spectrograms, spectral analysis, etc.), and ethnological studies of music recordings. The program can show you up to six graphical representations of the same sound or group of sounds in one single screen, thus making it easier for you to perform all kinds of comparative analysis. All the graphs available can be fully customized to fit your preferences. Likewise, you can create new window templates with the combination of graphs that better fit your needs.

Phonetic graphs will give you an accurate visual representation of the pitch and the intensity of the speech or any of its components (sentences, words, phonemes, etc.). Simultaneously, you can take a closer look at the spectrogram and the spectrum, with indications of its three formants (F1 to F3). These will allow you to identify vowel sounds easily and accurately. A simple built-in text editor lets you identify each sound with its written representation or simply add your own annotations. As for music, you can simultaneously view the melogram, the tonal weighting chart, the magnitude, and a staff with the notes. The program supports MusicXML, for both importing and exporting XML-based information.

Speech Analyzer can open any WAV, MP3, or WMA file, though it also allows you to make your own recordings using your system’s soundboard. It also offers you a handy audio player that will allow you to repeat and loop any fragment as many times as you need. You can create your own settings with the different playback options provided, which you can then save for future use.

In a nutshell, this free application is a full-featured acoustic analyzer suitable for professional comparative studies, phonetic transcriptions, language learning activities, musicological studies of music recordings, and more.

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  • Fully customizable graph window
  • Accurate graphical representations of the main components of speech
  • Specific functionality for music recordings with MusicXML support


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